Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I love my Fun 160

After having a hard time with the topless for the last couple of flights I decided to fly my fun 160. It was a complete joy as always, from the second that I started rigging it, to when I climbed into my harness and carried the whole thing out to the aerotow line. The aerotow was rough in places as you would expect from a 37'C day with thermals topping out around 12,000ft, but with the fun it was too easy. I pinned off in lift and climbed up to 11,800ft under a large CU and began my drift downwind. I flew from cloud to cloud downwind until I got to the edge of the ranges, faced with Tiger country ahead and lacking the performance to get around or over it in the fun I landed, in a tiny paddock surrounded by trees and power lines and filled with obstacles and it was the easiest landing ever in the fun. Did I mention that I love my Fun?
Today they are forecasting 30knot winds so it looks unlikely there will be a task. I am itching to duck back into Newcastle to grab my power harness and Kennys prop so that I can buzz around here in the evenings...I have decided to buy Doggies spare raket motor, it is the electric start version and I can upgrade the old motor in mine which will make in flight restarts possible and so really improve the quality of the experience.

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