Monday, November 20, 2006


I'm not sure what's up with me. Since I had the near miss at Canungra I have not been enjoying my flying as much as I used too. Sure I still love flying, but this whole new level of fear has sprung up inside me. I have always been a gung ho and confident pilot and even when the side wires were banging away I would chuckle to myself and never even think about the dark side. However its becoming a problem at the moment. I have flown allot of hours on my C2 now and whilst it has never been my ultimate glider in terms of weight or handling, it makes up for it with performance, although that comes at a price. Having got to know my glider well, I went and changed its handling, now it is more stable with the VG on, but less so without the VG. I was only in the air for 30mins but my arms are killing me and the back of the basebar was biting into my hands I was fighting with the glider so much. I have a feeling that even though it was a rough day I was flying poorly and that did not help matters. I got to 5000ft in a thermal and started to drift away from the airfield, I was having real trouble staying in the lift and I was unclimbed by a couple of gliders, I was all over the place. Eventually when it became apparent that I was about to lose glide back to the airfield I left the lift and headed back. With the VG on and the bar in I was getting 1800ft/min down and the side wires were slapping like crazy as I went through parcels of heavy sink. I arrived about 600ft over the centre of the strip and using the average wind direction from the 2 main windsocks and the streamers and flags I set-up at about 100ft. I hit strong lift, so I got onto the uprights, pulled the nose down and dragged it up to punch though it. I was flying into a 15knot breeze, then I fell out the other side of the thermal and I suddenly had a 15not tail wind. I managed to round out and flare to keep the nose up, but I was probably doing 50kph when my feet hit the ground and as I fell I just did everything I could to keep the nose off the ground. I went through both uprights, but the force was applied  symmetrically and mostly forwards, and so the base bar and heartbolt appear  OK.
The nose plate and leading edges appear OK too but I have not checked them yet, I don't expect them to be damaged so I will get someone else to check.
Tomorrow I am going to fly the fun and find out what is going on with me.
I am physically fine, just my pride was damaged ;-)

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