Thursday, November 09, 2006

Back in Canungra

After another epic drive down from Innisfail I rolled into the Canungra show grounds in the middle of a storm last night. I parked under a large gum tree without really giving it too much thought, but within 5 mins someone had braved the heavy rain to come over and suggest I move somewhere I would be less likely to die.
The caravan is now parked and I am in the process of carrying out the repairs it has been waiting for since before Burketown. The weather is not looking to crash hot at the moment, but I am hanging for another fly, I can't wait to get one of these QLD thermals to myself and see how they go. I would really like to fly here again without the pressure of a comp to see how I go, it would also be nice to fly with a few of the locals if the opportunity arises.
Once I have my caravan repairs completed and I have either had a fly or if the forecast makes that unlikely, I will be heading down to Newcastle, it looks like its only about 8hrs drive from here, so I could be there any day now!

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