Monday, July 10, 2006

Yippee Cott!

We has some high winds and heavy rain last nite, I was woken up several times when the caravan was shaken. Naturally when woken I seek solice in the internel connection provided by my trusty laptop in the bed next to me. Seebreeze last nite showed perfect westerlies all night, and then just as the sun came up it went SW. After a couple of hours it started to swing west again so Matty and I headed down to Cott. Already down there were Gerry and Bim. Gerry flew, but i don't think he will be back with that glider, something about clapping hands..
Jason came down with his little german fanny, so did Rob and Ivy. Ivy has had his hair removed, its scary. I could't get him to fly either. scary. Rob and Jason flew like champions, as did matty and I, but of course that goes without saying. he. he.

Hopefully the long prop shaft arrives tomorrow and I can take to the air!

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