Saturday, July 08, 2006

Plans taking shape....

Here is another photo of the power harness. I have still not flown it yet as I am waiting impatiently for the longer prop shaft to arrive so I can fly it with the 220. I am a little bit temted to try it with the climax, but not just yet.

I have a loose schedule now. I have registered for a heap of comps, the first is the canungra classic in QLD in October, so I have to be there then. It would be nice to get there a few weeks early and fly the local sites and maybe hang out with the locals, there are some legends in that neck of the woods. After QLD its off to NSW for the Gulung Classic and then the FFF and Bogong and many more....

I really want to see the North and fly some of the sites up there. I have a mate in Exmouth and I am planning to spend a week up there on the way over to QLD. I want to visit Broome and Darwin too and then drive down the QLD coast on my way to Canungra.

The caravan is set up well, good wheel bearings, new tyres, solar power, hot water, shower. The gearbox in my car is still sick and makes unhappy noises, but its not getting any worse and I have learnt to drive without second gear, even towing the caravan. I can't wait to get going. I head off next week and hope to fly allong the way. I am really hoping matty comes with me, it will be fun.

It has been really cool not caring where my phone is for the first time in years.

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