Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Strange day

It was the wind that was a bit weird today, it went from NE to W in the afteroon varing from nil to about 8knots in the cycles. I was mad keen to jump off anything this morning but Matty insisted on talking to the local expert Steve. Sure enough he predicted westerlies and so we went up to City View and it was on but just a couple of knots. I rigged up the fun 220 anyway and lobbed off into a cycle . I managed to get above takeoff for a beat but the hang point on the 220 needs to come forwards a long way and it was hard work for me one up at 70kg. I landed easily.

Great news the long prop shaft should be here tomorrow. I fired up the engine in the power harness and it runs like a champ. I can't wait!

Here is what the forecast promises for the next few days,...

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