Saturday, July 08, 2006

Quiet Saturday

Here I am with my fun 220. Its in pretty good condition. It was obviously owned by a tandem place at some point and is well maintained. Spookily it is exactly the same colour scheme as my 160...

Now that I don't have to shave anymore I am trying to grow a beard. Just for a laugh, I have a feeling I will want it gone once it gets hot, but who knows?

Its Saturday and there is a front pushing through, sadly it looks like another useless NW day, but I am holding onto a feint hope that I might get a late fly at Cott today. Failing that perhaps tomorrow morning, although they forecast an early SW change.

The long prop shaft for the power harness has to arrive very soon and then the first flyable day will be my entry into powered flight with my hang glider. I have listened carefully to those that know and also read everything I could find and come to my own conclusions. I am pretty confident that I will have no trouble mastering it.

Fingers crossed it swings westerly in the next 30 mins and I can still get in a fly....

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