Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fuelishly Optimistic

Ok, I am in the process of calling all the Aerodrome Operators along the
route to verify that the strips are serviceable and that they have fuel.
It seems that when the ERSA states that fuel is available it means that
at some point it was/maybe available. I get a lot of responses like, we
only have a 3000L tank here and it's half full at the moment, if there
is still some left when you get here... And we should have fuel again
this week, of course they said they were going to deliver 3 weeks ago...
All the airfields without automated pumps charge between $100-200
call-out fee after hours, got to avoid that one!

I have a BP card that I can use at some places, this is the map I am
planning around now that I realise fuel is going to determine my route
more than I originally thought.

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