Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flight Around Oz

I'm planning to fly around Oz in the next couple of weeks to build hours and experience before I take my commercial flight test. I'm still working on the exact route, but it will look something like this. I have a good mixture of airspace and large populated areas and designated remote areas. I've got huge bitumen strips at international airports and tiny gravel strips at remote communities and mine sites and even a remote station planned so far, I have even got a military base or two in the plan at the moment.
Over the next few days I will be ringing each of the smaller airfields to verify that they are open and have fuel and to check on any local regulations that might apply. One the route is determined I can start working out the timing and see how many days this will take.
I am really tempted to go via Ayers Rock as I suspect it would be worth the visit, I am still deciding on that.

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