Friday, November 21, 2008

Testing times

I've completed all the required Navs for my PPL. I've also started my
CPL exams. The next month is going to be very busy for me as I try to
complete all my CPL exams. MTW is going great, I have done 12hrs on her
now and she is only down 1 Quart of oil, that could well have come out
of the breather so I am very happy with the engine condition. I'm
getting more comfortable in her, and yesterday I practised my flap less
crosswind landings and I'm pleased with everything.

Economy cruise is about 100knots when she is heavy and that equates to
about 28lt/hr or flat out she can manage about 115knots at 35lt/hr. So
far I have not been above 4500ft and I am keen to see how she performs
at her optimum height of around 8000ft.

She pulls up in around 100m for a properly executed short field landing,
but needs much more room to T/O (600m) and climb performance is never
impressive. Never any problem getting back down though ;-)

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