Monday, November 10, 2008


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My last Solo Navigation exercise before my PPL flight test went well and really tested my ability and confidence. It was from Jandakot to Corragin then Beverly and finally Northam before returning to Jandakot via a corner of controlled airspace. It was a hot and thermic day and quite bumpy, but the Piper is so much more stable than a 172, easier and more relaxing to fly. The DG stayed wonderfully aligned with the compass, requiring regular checking but no regular changes.
I have yet to work out the average speeds and fuel burn, but I am guessing that I was averaging about 110knots and 36lph. I had to dodge gliders at Beverly and deal with crosswinds and rotor at all 3 airfields, but it was no problem. On the way out I had to track around a fire at Canning Damn as the smoke meant no VMC was possible. When I got back to clackline and got my transponder code I was initially told there was no entry into controlled airspace, that was until it became apparent that there was no VMC possible anywhere near canning damn and I was vectored north of Perth before getting an overfly to Observation city and an awesome flight down the coast, returning to Jandakot via the Power House in Fremantle.

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