Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On track.

MTW is behaving well, 15hrs and down just one quart of oil. Today I flew
down to Murray Field and spent over an hour doing circuits, there was
not much crosswind, but it was a bit bumpy and I did a few flap less and
glide approaches and all nice tight circuits. Then I flew around the
training area waiting for someone to say echo on the Perth Radar
frequency, when they did I closed the throttle and simulated an engine
failure. I got 3 in and they are getting smoother each time. Each day
this week will be a mix of study and flying as I have my PPL flight test
and the last of my commercial written exams to complete in the next 3
weeks. My next CPL exam is Performance and that's probably why I have
echo on the brain at the moment!

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