Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This is just me on the scales weighing in at about 68Kg..

Now here I am wearing the Perfex like a huge backpack and weighing in at 91.5Kg, so that makes the Perfex 23.5Kg in the bag.

Now here I am with the Perfex and my Aeros Harness on my back and up to 103.5Kg, which is 12Kg for my Myth 2 with parachute and helmet, ouch half the weight of the whole glider, I definitely need a lighter harness! It means that when I go hiking up a mountain somewhere I am going to be carrying 35.5Kg or more than half my own body weight. I know all you real men out there are already chuckling at the idea of 35.5Kg being much to carry and yes I know my climax weighs at least that much, unfortunately my back is absolutely destroyed and my weakest point. Anyway I can't wait to get back into the air and fall in love with my new Perfex.

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