Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Aaargghh Picassa and Beta still Broken!

After reading in a forum that it was finally fixed I just used Picassa
to make the last few posts. After discovering that it couldn't handle
more than 3 images at a time after the first failed post I split the
posts up and was pleased with the way it all looked. So pleased I went
and changed my template to something new, hey I was in a design kinda
mood. After a couple of hours I was happy with the results and so and
went to see how it looked in Safari on my mums iMac. Oh just great
except, where are all the images? No images, just links pointing to


Port 1338? You gotta be joking. *Port 1338* Millennium Worm. TCP
backdoor created by the Millennium Worm. That's what port 1338 is
famous for... I watched and waited for Picassa to upload those images, I
watched them go. Now I have to manually upload them again using the
blogger interface that I really hate.
Come on Google, the original picassa blogger interaction was perfect,
how can this suck so badly for so long?

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