Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Perfex Update

Today I again rigged and de-rigged the Perfex. It took me 45mins from
unzipping the bag to clipping in my harness. I don't think I am going to
be able to do it much faster than this by myself, but I am happy with
the time it takes and the effort required. Yesterday I followed the
instructions carefully and did everything in the order listed. Today I
never looked at the instructions once and found a few ways to speed
things up and make life easier.
When rigging it is much easier to pull the sail over the leading edges
to the nose plate and then put the keel extension through the keel
pocket and lock it in place, its much harder to try and guide the keel
through the keel pocket when you are dragging the sail on. It is also
much easier to leave the cross tubes to one side and clip them into
place once the sail is in place.
When de-rigging it is easiest to pull the sail back until you reach the
first leading edge junction and then just disconnect the centre and
outer leading edge sections, that way the A-Frame and keel are one part
and the sail and leading edges are another, its much easier to remove
the leading edges from the sail once they are loose.

The only thing I don't like about the Perfex so far is that you cannot
lay it flat with the tension on, today was very windy and I am always
worried when the wind gets under the sail and lifts the leading edges
up, it risks damaging the nose plate as there is no strength there at
all to resist the force and allot of leverage centered on one area. I am
lying on the basebar with my Myth2 harness so I either need a shorter
hang strap or perhaps if I can find a very compact Karibeaner that might
lift me up enough...

De-rigging was again about 20mins.

I am waiting for my IPPI card to arrive and the weather to break so I
can go flying.....

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