Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Perfex Arrives!

My new Perfex has arrived. It took longer than I expected but as the delivery driver explained it had been sitting in their depot in the UK since last week whilst they tried to figure out what a Haenteleiter was for. Exactly why that caused a delay I am not sure, but I'm just glad its here now. As it happens the weather here has been pretty wet and stormy so no flying opportunities were missed anyway.

Here is the Glider assembled, It took me ages, but mostly because I would work for 5 mins and then it would rain and I would run for cover and so on and so on... It took me less than 20mins to De-Rig it and I think I should be able to setup from scratch in about the same time on my next go.
Nice curved leading edges and a Nose Nappy too, pretty Green Aaah.
The whole thing is designed to be pulled apart quickly and easily and to lock into place securely for flight. The Floating crosstubes are attached with seatbelt type webbing with a quick release clasp like they use on harnesses. The Hang point comes from up on the kingpost.
A simple but effective nose catch with the dontforgetmeingermanmessage!

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