Monday, May 03, 2021

Case 580C Power Steering

 When it was initially unloaded and driven 100m to it's current resting place I noticed that the power steering only operated above about 1200 RPM. I wondered if it was low on fluid.

Now that I have removed the front oil cooler for the power steering I see that the fluid that came out is very thin automotive power steering fluid and likely the cause of the issue. I'll replace it with an ISO68 hydraulic fluid that is the equivalent of the

Case TCH that is supposed to go in there.

I'm hoping it's not the  oil pump or seals, no leaks that I can see and it works perfectly at higher RPMS....

The cooler broke in half when I unbolted it and lifted it out. I don't think the pipes are cracked, but it might end up being replaced with a cheap generic one if it starts leaking.

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