Monday, May 03, 2021

Case 580C Cooling problems.....

 So I have been working my way through the parts that make up the backhoe and I got to the engine. I have only run it for a minute at a time as I need to trust it is lubricating and cooling itself before I make it work hard.

I noticed that the temp gauge did not move at all and I wondered if that was bad.

When I came to check the water I found it was low in the radiator.

When I added more it quickly escaped someone near the water pump.

I pulled out the front grill, oil cooler and radiator and fan so I could see what was going on.

Not good, either something has perished or cracked. It looks like someone put silicone on it to try and cover the leak!

I'm not sure If I can use JB weld on this, it should be low pressure water and not too hot. I'm not sure if it will stick though and whether I can get it clean enough and all the way around without removing anything else......

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