Monday, May 03, 2021

Case 580 Backhoe Step 1

 It seems like the drive does not disconnect when you hit the brakes. I think there is a hydraulic valve on a solenoid that cuts flow to the torque converter.

Being able to stop or at least remove drive is a nice thing in a 5 ton machine, hopefully an electrical issue.

The front axle has been broken and welded, someone who did not respect the limits of the machine I guess.

The front lifting booms have been broken and welded.

The backhoe has been broken and welded.

One rear tyre is good, one is very dodgy. Both front tyres are OK.

The FEL slowly drops when put up in the air.

I put it into the scorpion position and left it overnight and it did not drop and there were no pools of hydraulic fluid, great news!

I figure I need to replace 4 seals on rams that creep or weep but that was expected and at $50 a seal kit it is not the end of the world if they will come apart.


After a wash and de-grease I painted the easy to get to parts.





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