Sunday, March 14, 2010

Words and such

Virga dammit! After months of lamenting the lack of a spell checker on my phone I discover an auto correct feature that sneakingly changes words on me when I least expect it. I will have to edit these posts later! (Now)
Anyway even though I was earlier than yesterday, by the time I was ready to take off it was south west. As I walked to take off the wind swung due west and picked up a few knots, it also started to rain gently. Thinking I was in luck I launched but within a minute the rain stopped together with the wind and I found myself scraping over the trees to a rather quick bottom landing. I even had to carry my glider most of the way across the field, that's how unplanned it was.
Oh well a great take off and nice landing and I got my exercise walking back up the hill too.

Later Bernadette and I went for an 18km run over the hills, most of it at night with head lamps, I survived and really enjoyed most of it!

Heading back to Perth this afternoon, forecast suggests 20knot tail winds for a change.
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