Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Met update

I just spoke to the met office. The band of overcast cloud extends about
80Nm west of here at around 2200ft before it starts to become broken.
At the moment it is CAVOK at Warburton, but then there is the likelihood
of thunderstorms and rain on the way to Leonora. Ground level is up to
4000ft west of here and below the cloud level, the cloud is about 3000ft
thick and it would be clear if I could get above it. Whilst I really
want to get out of here and I am tempted to try a skud run to the west
to the edge of the cloud, all my training tells me it would be very
dangerous and illegal if I get myself into cloud. If I had my instrument
rating and an IMC rated aircraft I could just climb above the cloud, but
I don't and so I not going anywhere today. The met office describe the
cloud as a very unusual localised phenomenon that they have not seen
here for 5 years. They are optimistic that it is thinning and should
break up tomorrow, they are aware that this has been there expectation
for the last few days, but the cloud is not playing by the usual rules.
To the west there are thunderstorms and another trough coming this way,
if I can get out of here tomorrow I may well end up getting stuck in
Warburton or Leonora for a couple of days, but anywhere would be a
welcome change at the moment. There is only so much to see and do here
and I have done it all now and I want to leave.

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