Monday, June 01, 2009

Avgas Worries

I am hoping to get out of here tomorrow, if the overcast low cloud
breaks I will have a chance to go somewhere. Warburton is in easy range
no matter that the winds are doing, but after that the nearest fuel is
Kalgoorlie, and that is only in range for me with no wind or a tail
wind. With the current headwinds I would be arriving with less than
30mins of fuel in the tanks, not an option. Forrest would be in range
heading south, but they have no Avgas at the moment and are waiting for
a delivery. The same goes for Leonora, Linster and Laverton, since BP
pulled out there is no longer Avgas on tap anywhere. Leonora have
emergency drums available at $542 each, but that is akin to highway
robbery. I might have to revert to my original plan of heading towards
coober pedy and then along the south coast.

The weather looks better along the south coast today, but still marginal
towards Kalgoorlie. Decisions, Decisions.

It just occured to me that by going via coober pedy I am adding about an
extra 5hrs flying time to my trip and an extra nights accommodation, I
would expect that fuel is going to average around $2 a litre crossing
the Nullarbour and that I am going to pay $90 for a nights accommodation
in a motel somewhere. So it's around $500 to go that way. Ok, now that I
think about it the drum of Avgas does not look so bad. I can cut the
corner back to Perth via Wyalkatchem to save more time.

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