Monday, June 01, 2009

A glimmer of hope

The tops of the Olgas are still shrouded in cloud, but on the horizon
far to the North West there is a thin bright light that seems to
indicate a break in the overcast conditions. It is hopefully the
scattered cloud arriving late for its lunchtime appointment. Conditions
look good for a flight to Warburton in the morning. From Warburton cloud
is forecast to be overcast above 7000ft which is OK with me, there are
isolated thunderstorms in the area, but I have enough fuel to go around
them and if I need to I am prepared to land at one of the strips along
the way to wait it out. If I can leave here by 10am I should be at
Warburton by 1pm, allowing an hour for refuelling I should be in Leonora
by 5pm, about an hour before last light. It looks like Leonora will be
my next overnight stop and my last before returning to Jandakot. I just
booked a 200 litre drum of Avgas an Leonora for $563 (ouch) I think I
will need about 140 litres when I get there so I will have a small store
there if I ever head back that way. Fingers crossed when the sun comes
up in the morning there is mostly blue sky.

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