Thursday, December 04, 2008

Looking Down

Looking up the Swan River towards Perth.
The Fremantle Docks.
Clear Right, Ahead, Left, turn Left. (Looking down on Lauch)
Approaching Cott from the South.

After a fun fly at Cott yesterday and with today being NW but with a swing to the west in the afternoon, I thought there might be some hang gliders down at Cott. On my way to Murray Field (ok, a slight detour) for some xwind practice I flew over Cott, but no one was there.
It was 90 degrees crossing RWY 23 and gusty and hard work, but I enjoyed every second of it and all the landings were soft and controlled on the centreline. I used the only 2 stages of flap and extra airspeed as recomended in the POH and it meant a little more float that usual, but no problemo.

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