Monday, June 23, 2008

Subaru WTF?

I just rang Subaru in Osborne park and tried to get a new starter motor
for my 8/99 Subaru Outback.
My call was promptly answered and I got asked the cars V.I.N. as usual
and after a short wait I get told that the new starter motor is $1024, I
am already a bit shocked at the price, but wait there's more.
In the same breath the lady tells me that it will take 4 weeks to get
one as they are Ex Japan and she won't order it unless I pay for it first.
Wow. I thought it was just Toyota that didn't care in Perth. I am
guessing this must have something to do with the huge motoring groups
that have a stranglehold on the market here, no fair competition = bad
for consumer every time.
Get this, when I suggested that maybe it was unreasonable to ask their
late model car owning customers to not drive for 4 weeks because they
had no stock of common, small, low cost replacement parts locally, the
response was to try the wreckers!
Try the wreckers, cos we don't care.
When I suggested that was not really good enough and how could they
really not have any starter motors for a manual EJ25 based engine
anywhere in Australia she transferred me to a bloke that told me the
same thing without any willingness to debate the issue.

Nope its definitely got nothing to do with the car marque, its the Perth
main dealers that are completely useless.

By now you surely must have realised that my starter motor died yesterday.

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