Monday, June 23, 2008

So I went for a walk on the beach.

And why not enjoy it on my penultimate day in Exmouth, as an enforced
pedestrian until my new starter motor arrives tomorrow. I enjoyed the
cool breeze and the warm kiss of the sun on my exposed skin and was very
relaxed and at peace with the world when I returned to my caravan to
find I had a missed call. It turns out that skywest have decided to
cancel my flight on the morning of the 25th that would have got me into
Perth in time for my international flight to London but helpfully put me
on one that arrives just after my international flight has left on its
way to Kuala Lumpur. Not good. They cheerfully offered me a refund but
I needed a solution and the only one available was the flight on the
evening of the 24th so I get to spend an extra night in Perth and one
less in Exmouth. Tomorrow needs to go according to plan now ;-)

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