Monday, June 23, 2008

Auto Pro Exmouth Save the day.

I had a bad experience at a Perth Auto Pro once, it was one of those
occasions where he looked like he knew what he was talking about and he
even made a convincing argument but he gave a me a really bum steer that
cost me time and money. Every time since that I see that logo I think
dark thoughts, I guess that's the danger of a franchise/chain type of
operation. It was with mild trepidation that I went into the Exmouth
Auto Pro looking for a replacement starter. At the time I had removed
and tested the old starter and diagnosed the problem as being that the
gear was not engaging due to the fact that it was obviously worn out and
broken in that order. I supplied V.I.N's and Engine No's and Gearbox
Numbers and Model Numbers and even left the original starter on the
counter with my mobile number.
It was then that I rang Subaru and got my shock.
Then my phone rings and Auto Pro tell me it will be here by 10.30am
tomorrow as it is coming overnight from Perth for $388. Wow again.

Perhaps it is the availability of low cost after market parts that is
the reason that the main dealers don't bother to keep them any more?

My original Subaru (But badged Mitsubishi actually) starter motor lasted
250,000kms , if the new one does that again for $388 its a bargain.

I'm flying out of Oz the day after tomorrow so the timing is critical as

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