Sunday, March 16, 2008

Perth to Newy and Back....

Ok, I have been very slack. My best excuse is that my internet connection has been unreliable.
Here is the Update.
I drove from Perth to Newcastle to collect my caravan from Jamie's garden. I left on Sat Afternoon and returned on Sat afternoon exactly one week later. I drove 18Hrs a day averaging about 110kph on the way there and about 70kph on the way back. The car used about 9.5Lt/100Km on the way there and about 18Lt/100km on the way back with the caravan. I enjoyed the drive and listed to alot of audio books and music. I came back via Albany leaving the Caravan there.
A few weeks later I helped Matty and Liz move down from Perth to their new home in Albany, where my van is currently located...
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