Saturday, March 22, 2008


Come on Google. I know you provide so many wonderful services for free and I know that Gmail is the best mail system and Blogger is the easiest way to run a blog. I also think Picasa is a great program. But why, Oh why, after 2 years and countless new versions do I again discover that instead of uploading the photos all the images are missing and the links all point to localhost? I am running Vista and I HATE IT. It is unstable and incompatible compared to XP and it is the single big thing that is going to make me leave the world of windows for ever and switch to a mac for sure as soon as I can.

So for everyone who wondered where the photos are, sorry, and I am painstakingly trying to upload them again over my 1.7kb gprs connection.

It's Easter Saturday at 8.15am and there is already movement in the camp. Considering it was the small hours of the morning when everyone finally hit the sack that would be quite surprising, were it not for the children without whom no doubt we would all still be asleep ;-)

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