Monday, January 29, 2007


I arrived in Denman on Friday evening. It was calm and would have been nice for a blat with the power harness, not having been run since Gulgong the power harness had other ideas though. In the end I had to strip the carby and clean it all and then set it up from scratch and then it ran like a champ again. I have fitted the new motor I got from Doggy and used a pressure switch from a spa together with an automotive relay to replicate the NRG style "blow in the tube to start" and it works great.
I also don't have  a prop brake setup on the new motor, but don't really need one, you just climb a hundred feet higher and push the bar out to stall the glider and as you plummet with no forward airspeed you hear the blades fold up after a couple of seconds. Saturday was a howling westerly to be replaced by a howling easterly when the seabreeze came in late in the afternoon. On Sunday morning I took the power harness up in a light westerly and it was moderately turbulent but not unpleasant. Scott took off and then as the westerly increased on the ground decided to fly home to Readhead rather than risk landing in the rotor from the hills.

Today (Monday) I flew Merryweather and then got flushed with a bunch of other pilots when it dropped and swung around to the east, again i got some great exercise carrying the glider up the face.

On Weds I'm heading down to Sydney to fly Stanwell as its forecast to be on...

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