Thursday, February 01, 2007


On Weds Shane and I drove down to Stanwell. It took nearly 2.5hrs to get there. On arrival we rigged and took off in mostly overcast conditions. The wind was strong and there was lift everywhere. I flew my fun and wished for the performance of my climax as I watched Johnny and Ky racing from one end of the site to the other and back. I couldn't even keep up with Shane on his sting xc2 who also went everywhere. I got up into cloud and then as the cloud thickened we all landed and packed up. Just as we were leaving the cloud dropped lower and it started to rain. The fly/drive ratio was pretty good at about 1:2 and I'm going back with the Climax the first chance I get. I'm off to see Airborne now to see if my C4 is ready.

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