Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bogong Over

Sadly events have conspired against the organisers this year, smoke, storms, rain and high winds have all come at once and resulted in only one valid task in 8 days. If you only go to one comp a year you could do much worse than Bogong, the event is the best organised I have been to, heaps of other activities planned and more prizes and sponsors than anywhere else. Mt Beauty is a lovely little HQ filled with interesting and entertaining people and if you were looking for a place to hang out for a week you would be pushed to find a nicer spot. Everyone's heart goes out to Heather and Carol for having put in so much effort to once again put on such a wonderful show and then get cheated by the weather at the last minute. Presentation and dinner/dance is today and in the morning I head back to Newcastle and some better flying conditions hopefully....

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