Sunday, May 07, 2006

You think you know everything.

And then you discover that you can still be surprised sometimes. For the last 10 Years that I have been running my own IT business I have just had servers running that I could use for my own stuff. Now that i am selling up and planning to spend the next year travelling the globe and flying I need someone else to take over the running of the back end stuff. I was really hoping that Google would pick me for their domain beta program as that would have been perfect, who knows it may yet happen.

Anyway so after some looking around I currently believe the best way to host your own domain for free is to use a combination of Gmail and Zoneedit.

Gmail is of course where all your mail ends up, there is nothing else in the same league, web browser access or pop retrival too. (not to mention spam filtering, forwarding etc)

With your Domain Registrar
you specify at least 2 name servers that awnser queries about the services available from your domain, simply these servers show the way for web requests and emails. Here you specify the NS provided to you by Zoneedit when you set up your free account.

Zoneedit are very cool people. They give you 5 free domains hosted by them with email and web forwarding services for free. Here you can make email for go to or all email for go to bob09@gmail com. You can also redirect like I have done so that takes you to my flick account and takes you here to my blog. Cool.Huh.

Also I later found from an advert at zoneedit these wonderful people who offer a simple no frills www hosting servers for free with no ads or banners.

With these 3 parts you have a completely free domain hosting solution!!

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