Monday, May 08, 2006

I hate mondays

But as Mondays go this one was not too bad. As usual there was the wake up call to my mobile from someone having email problems at 7.30am. This was followed by several more phone calls and cups of coffee. Todays callouts are a not-properly-syncing Apple Powerbook - Why does Apple Insist on trying to exclude the ~/Library folder from a Home Sync when it contains so much important stuff?
A poor mail server with a load level of 9+ because of some users with 90MB pop accounts and their email clients set to check every 1 minute.
Finally setup a couple of laptops for email/internet access.
Rush Hour Traffic was impressive tonite, I am so glad I only have to brave it occasionally.
The wind looks miserable for the next week, there is a tiny little chance that it might be possible to fly Mosman Park in a NE on Thursday or Friday morning but its not looking too promising.

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