Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunday Update....

In a repeat of Saturday Matty & I headed down to Mossie again on Sunday. When we got there it was lighter and more Northerly. There was one other hangy and a paraglider too. I was not in a hurry so I waited for a while and watched the other hangy flying.
After I watched the other hangy land in the shallow water near the rivers edge down at the bottom landing I took off and flew around for a while.
It started to get much gustier and swung further around to the North. I started to feel rotor when i went down to the Western end of the ridge so I flew towards the bottom landing area and once I figured I could definately make it I flew back to the car park at the top to let Matty know I was going to land.
I flew around over takeoff and watched Matty tying on his glider. The wind swung further around to the north. I discovered that I could now no longer get past the first of the trees along the top before I was getting bad air. I flew back over to Matty and told him it was no good for the usual bottom landing and that was going the other way to a small carpark around the corner we looked at last week.

I get as high as I can and I watch as Matty drives my car around and down to the carpark. I fly along the riverback and am amazed by the amount of lift and how high/far I can get, the ridge to my right is huge and lifting well. I fly down a fair way but decided not to push my luck too far.
I set myself up for a bar to the knees dive down through the lift band and into ground effect over the water. I get my judgement perfect and a flare drops me on the small beach. I get my feet slightly wet but thats it. A good result.

It was looking like the wind might come around to the west and let us play at Cott in the afternoon, but no such luck. Again today (Monday) westerlies continued to elude us.

The weeks forcecast suggests that Mossie will be flyable again Saturday and Sunday but nothing else looks like it will come on for the whole week.

I have not had a chance to edit the video footage or even upload any photos from Sunday yet, but I will soon, keep an eye on Flickr...

Right now I am trying to bring back a dual G5 tower that is all B-Treed out.

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