Monday, May 19, 2008

The Internet is Soooo Coool.

Yesterday i used expedia to book a flight to the UK. Even though I am
only on a GPRS connection and it is slower than a 56k modem the internet
still works if you are patient. When I checked my passport I realised
that my resident return visa will expire in a few weeks. Doh. Usually it
means a trip to the DIaC office in Perth for a new one. That would be a
hassle considering I am in Exmouth. So I rang the department to ask if I
could do it via post and they told me to download form 10a5 and send it
in with my payment and passport. I looked for 10a5 but failed to locate
it. luckily though I found the ONLINE form and completed it and paid
with my visa card in 10mins. It is so cool that the powers that be have
embraced the power of the internet in this way, it was so easy. Its a
shame their staff don't seem to know about it yet.

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