Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Exmouth So Far

Today Gav took me for a flight in his trike and then I setup and flew
the fun and power harness from the golf course. I was having too much
fun and failed to notice the sea breeze had come in and ended up landing
down wind. I managed to run it out OK and stay on my feet but forgot to
stop the engine prior to landing and in the last few steps I pushed the
wing back into the prop as I flared. Doh, Stupid. Luckily the prop is OK
but the sail needs repairs. Hopefully I can find a sailmaker who has
industrial sewing gear and I can fix it locally. Meanwhile the Perfex is
rigged up and waiting its flight tomorrow. Thats the SAME prop through a
different sail again in Exmouth. 2 Years and hundreds of safe landings
and now it happens here again, what are the odds...

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