Wednesday, December 25, 2019

West Australian Free Flyers Forums

I set up forums for the HG/PG community in WA at the start of the year, but never advertised them.

They are now starting to see more use. I always post my flying plans and there is an increasing following.

I don't use facebook (like many people) and so using a closed facebook forum as the only way of communicating with other pilots is not helpful.

These forums are open and free and all you need is a web browser on any device/platform to use them. They won't slow down your device or fill up your memory and they don't track you.

You can subscribe to threads so you get notified about subjects you are interested in.

I'd really like to see all active pilots in WA sign up so we can unite the entire flying community, it would make sharing information much easier.

You can find the forums here:

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