Monday, July 29, 2019


Since my last update I've had a few more attempts to fly back to Aarau from Schwangimatte, I've gotten quite close but never made it all the way. Conditions have been tricky with stronger headwinds aloft.

I was in Verbier for a couple of days and had a good thermal flight on one day getting up over all the high points in the area.

Then it was off to Fiesch, a place I have flown a few times before and one of the best sites in Switzerland. On the first day I was rewarded with climbs to 3700m and a 40km XC down to Obergoms and back.I only landed as I was desperate to pee.
On the next day I had my external catheter fitted, but when I went to use it after 90 mins I experienced a malfunction, the ensuing distraction and frustration resulted in me decking it shortly afterwards as I tried to cross a blue hole and lost 1000m and ended up under the inversion.

Fiesch is such a lovely understated location after Verbier which certainly felt like a tourist trap during the Verbier festival when I was there.

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