Saturday, April 20, 2019

I love Cottesloe!

On Thursday I was expecting a Westerly to hit the coast at some point, but you never know exactly that the timing will be. Often the first couple of hours of air are magic and then the direction goes South or the strength picks up.

I was home and keeping an occasional eye on the wind reports from Rottnest.
At about 3pm I saw 15kt due West on Rotto and so I threw a paraglider and hang glider into/onto the car and headed over to Cott.

When I got there it was light about 10kt and so I got out the Paraglider. By the time I was taking off I could see a squall line out on the water and I knew I only had a couple of minutes before it got too strong.

I had a short flight and then landed and packed away the PG and setup the HG.

Just as I was about to take-off Rob turned up and later on David.

When I initially flew the wind was about 14kt but it picked up to about 16kt and the higher you got the stronger it was. The air was relatively warm and had the occasional hole in it. There were also thermals in places.

Rob managed to get high above and behind the Pine Tree and he was swooping it and touching the top on the way past, very cool!

It was a high energy day, one of those great days where you don't have to worry about the ground and can just play.

I went South the Leighton a couple of times and also North as far as I could.

At the end of the day as the Sun was setting we all flew. The colors are always spectacular at sunset.

A guy showed me some amazing footage he had taken on his phone and I am still hoping he emails me with a link to it!

With the footage from my helmet camera and also some footage David took I made a video.

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