Sunday, July 28, 2013

Swiss Alipine K78 2013

Swiss Alipine K78 2013 by Rolf_S at Garmin Connect - Details

10 hours 58minutes and 49 seconds and 77.5km and 2650M of elevation gain and loss later....

It was a very hot day.
The air was thin up there.
I was wearing new untested shoes in an attempt to work around one foot problem.
I have some quad and hamstring soreness but otherwise feel pretty good.
My fenix lost the gps signal a few times that i noticed. It also gave me a low battery warning at 7.5hrs which was when I switched it to ultratrac mode.
It seems to be pretty accurate with the distance, but it lost a few hundred meters of elevation, probably because it was cold when i started and as the temperature increased during the day the barometric pressure would have been inaccurate without additional calibration.
I ended with 15% remaining battery after 11hrs, next time I will have to try ultratrac mode from the start.
Next time?

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