Thursday, November 01, 2012

Watch your Facebook data being stolen live! You like this!

You like this!

No really, you do.

I don't have a personal Facebook account. I hate Facebook.

  • You probably know that many Facebook accounts are fake.
  • You probably know that many Facebook likes are fake.
  • You probably know you can buy Facebook likes online.

Did you know that you are probably liking things without even knowing?

Did you know that FaceBook are potentially telling every web site that you visit your name and personal details?

There are hundreds of exploits for Facebook that are designed to use your information against you.
Mostly they are designed to help advertisers target you better, however data mining also helps people with illegal aspirations.

You know that sneaky little like button that you see around the place?

Well some clever hackers figured out a way to make it invisible!

And even better than that, they glued it to the end of your mouse pointer!

Now everywhere you go on the Internet, and everything you click on,  You Like!

Each time you like something, you share your FaceBook information with the person you are liking.

Try just clicking anywhere on this page, it does not have to be a link, you can click on anything!. 

Notice how your cursor turned into a hand?

You could also click a genuine link that takes you to a real website,

for example:

LampDatabase designs web and intranet applications. If you need something powerful and scalable to help you run your organisation more efficiently, we can help. Experts in Mysql & PHP based dynamic sites.

So if you are logged into Facebook now, you just liked RaceReady Australia and the counter on this page should have gone up by one.

Scared yet?

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