Saturday, August 11, 2012

Running Statistics.

Running Statistics.

Yesterday was 44km with at least 830m of elevation gain, possibly as much as 1250m if you turn the altitude correction off ;-)

My legs are starting to show signs of wear after an epic month that is now averaging over 100km a week in distance and a total elevation gain of 12,000m!

I've had by Garmin forerunner 305 for a couple of years now. I have worn it sporadically for most of the time, although lately I have been more likely to wear it.

It now records my total distance run as 4,761 Km and I would guess this is missing at least 30% of the distance when I never bothered to wear the Garmin.

I'm also on 543 Hours of running, 62km of elevation gain and over 300,000 calories.

 FYI 300,000 calories earned me 857 full strength beers and 25kg of  80% dark Swiss chocolate ;-)

For the last year my distance run each week and elevation look like this...

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