Sunday, May 22, 2011

All work!

This year has been all about getting my new business established, it has meant a lot of work. As a result I have had less chances to fly my hang glider (fun) or keep up my running fitness (brutal fun)

Last year I did my first official Ultra and it was the end result of several months training, it went pretty well considering.

Today i ran my first marathon, down at Bunbury. I managed to cross the line in a time of 3 Hrs and 44 Minutes. I averaged 83% of max heart rate for the run and it was hard work. Considering how little actual running and training I have done this year it was a pretty good result. My cardio was great, my legs were just about done at the 32k mark.

Of course Bernadette ran the 50k and took first female and set a new Canadian record, she came in 15 minutes after me despite having run an extra 8km!

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