Saturday, August 28, 2010

The magnificent Fuji

Just before I left for my European holiday I did a lot of flying. I
crossed the country in light aircraft 3 times in 10 days!
I delivered my Cessna to it's new owner in Orange and collected my new
aircraft and flew it back. I also got a re-positioning job of moving a
Cessna 210 from Jandakot to Longreach.

My new aircraft is a Fuji FA-200-180. A very rare aircraft with 180Hp
Lycoming and constant speed prop. What sets it apart from the rest is
it's aerobatic capability, it can do almost every manoeuvre possible. It
also can carry 4 adults and has a dedicated cargo area that will take
80KG of bags. It is not quite as fast as I had hoped, but will manage
120kt comfortably.

Since my return I have been averaging an hour of aerobatics practice
every day and I am falling in love with the Fuji.

I am also running again, I am back to an hour a day and so far all is well.


Miriam said...

Looks amazing! Enjoy your liberating time in the sky :)

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