Monday, February 02, 2009

Ultralight Licence

Last Friday I flew out to Wyalkatchem and clocked up another 2.2Hrs in
the Jabiru J160C, it takes my total RAA Ultralight 3 Axis time to 3.2
Hours and puts me only a couple of hours away from my RAA Ultralight 3
Axis licence. I need to get my RAA Microlight license sorted and then I
will be qualified to fly almost everything fixed(ish) wing.
Next on the road to my commercial pilot flight test is my night rating
that I hope to start in the next few weeks and my Constant Speed and
Retractable Undercarriage endorsement. I am also planning to do my
taildragger endorsement once I feel I have truly mastered the stick and
rudder technique that I am improving at all the time.
MTW is due for her 50Hrly service and I am hoping to get it done in the
next couple of days so that I can fly up to Exmouth and beyond in my
quest for 200+Hrs.
I am starting to realise that my initial plan to get my IREX out of the
way early was going to be doing things in the wrong order and it is now
on hold until after I pass my commercial flight test.

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