Sunday, January 25, 2009

Short Video

Karl got the T/O at Leeuwin and the landing at Jandakot. Here it is.

This is the second attempt! the first one failed after a Youtube codec incompatibility issue. Works now!

It was slightly tail leaving Leeuwin, but less than 5 knots and I definitely wanted to be going down hill and away from the big trees. I used every inch of available ground and it was an easy T/O.
Coming into Jandakot I arrived in the circuit just behind a Fire Spotter who decided to do a right hand circuit for 24, this upset the guy who was already doing a left hand circuit in a Sportstar and so I joined the left hand circuit downwind as I could keep both aircraft visual and I flew a nice slow base and final to make sure they were both well clear of the runway by the time I got there. It was my first entry into Jandakot after hours when it becomes a CTAF-R and it was quite strange to have an empty tower. I was confident it was a left hand circuit and how to proceed, but have to admit I was momentarily thrown by the firespotter when he did his right hand circuit.

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