Friday, June 01, 2007

FLPHG Planned Flight in UK

I am planning to fly down to see my sister in Kent and then fly back home again, of course I will wait for a day with favorable winds and weather and at the moment this is my first attempt at navigating around UK airspace so it may change if I have made a mistake somewhere.
There are 2 proposed routes shown on this photo of the current UK airspace map, represented by the colored dots.

I am based near Thurrock in Essex and the LTMA airspace means I need to stay below 2500ft until I leave that airspace and enter LTMA where I need to stay below 3500ft for the remainder of the flight to charing, this would be the outbound leg indicated by the red dots. I estimate it to be around 70kms and so should be easy on one tank of fuel.

The return leg would allow me up to 3500ft until approx along side maidstone when I would have to drop below 2500ft again.

As far as I can tell I would remain clear of MBZs and TAs and restricted airspace with this plan.

My intent would be to use uncommon altitudes by never flying at anything than ends in x500 or 000, so for example 1250ft rather than 1500 and 1750 rather than 2000 and 2250 rather than 2500 etc.

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donliddard said...

Ralf, I presume you flew from Kings Farm Airfield on Parkers Farm road, thurrock, so how did the flight go ? did you manage the flight to Kent OK.